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Marm Assistance provides safe and fast towing services for regular and electrical cars, heavy commercial vehicles and coaches.


We understand it is our clients’ priority to provide their customers (policy holders, drivers, etc.) to sustain their mobility while securing their peace-of-mind. That’s where we step in. Through our rich resources and local expertise, we make sure our clients maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee customer loyalty.

Towing Tracking System

The real-time fleet tracking system enables our team to monitor the exact of the breakdown or accident to accurately dispatch the closest towing truck available to the incident scene.

Helping towing trucks to be assigned to the next mission towards the base station to benefit from the advantage of empty leg – saving time, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Towing Tracking System was designed in 2017 and has been launched as of mid-2018 after 

towing tracking system

Our highly-experienced Tele-Technicians first identify, then offer quick and easy solutions over the phone. For complicated cases, our Tele-Technicians provide the necessary guidelines, leading the driver to an (authorized) repair site in the safest and quickest manner. Our Tele-technician team provides fast and easy over the phone solutions for drivers near to none costs for manufacturers.

Marm evaluates the risks and offers the most optimum treatment plan in accordance with the Evidence Based Medicine program.

We offer instantaneous and on-the-spot assistance services to clients in need through a network of 4000+ providers all over Turkey. The utilization of a wide-coverage network shortens our response time and ensures highest-quality assistance services anywhere, anytime for drivers and at significantly curbed claims costs for our clients.

A robust track record in healthcare, travel and roadside solutions, we are the right partner for your needs! Don’t waste your energy trying to find another provider.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

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